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  1. Horse Riding Critique
    I dont have very good conformation pictures so would you critique him based off of just his general looks? And yes he is a huge goof! Thanks!
  2. Horse Memorials
    I owned a horse, Everafter Platinum, that we bought from a friend who got him from a Grullo/Grulla Breeding Farm in Pennsylvania. His sire was The Coosa Connection and his dam was The Wheeling Minnie. After a while, we renamed him Son Of A Dunn, Sonny for short. We got him in November 2004 and...
  3. Horse Pictures
    We have owned Sonny for six months now and we are so proud of the transformation. Our barn owner brought him in to use as a lesson horse with the intent on buying him, but her husband lost his job and they felt it best not to spend the money at the time. He was to go back to his horse broker and...
1-3 of 3 Results