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  1. Horse Health
    Looking for some advice. One of my mares had a horse shelter land on her back/ hips tow years ago in a bad wind storm and has since been unsound. The vets assume that she fractured her pelvis. She has had legend shots, acupuncture and laser therapy done on her and that has helped a ton! She...
  2. Horse Health
    For about two months now, my gelding Zeus has had a strange lump next to his spine. I noticed it one day after jumping him on a lunge line (teeny jumps-- maybe 6" at most). He didn't give me any signs that he was hurt, but I quit him and let him rest until I could get a chiropractor out. The...
  3. Horse Breeding
    I was expecting a foal this year, but the mare lost it. I have been looking for one to purchase and found a wonderful foal. The mother has strange spinal conformation. the owner doesn't know details other than she was told it was hunters bump. It doesn't look like the few cases of HB i have...
1-3 of 3 Results