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  1. Horse Pictures
    This Sunday, Spirit turned 12!! He got a pedicure(farrier happened to come up that day lol) and banana apples as a cake!! Which he didn't eat...but his sister Slash loved them lol Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! I have to put in a baby picture too lol:-P
  2. Horse Pictures
    Hey guys!! I'd like to show you my two angels Slash and Spirit!! Slash is a 6 year old Saddlebred mare Spirit is an 11 yea old Paint gelding
  3. Horse Pictures
    Here's some photos I took of my horse last week. I think he's pretty, if not a little chubby for a thoroughbred.
  4. Horse Videos
    Thought I'd share a couple of my videos because I love making videos. I'd like to here what everyone thinks of them :) and btw im sorry if the links don't work, this computer is dumb... This horse I no longer have... She's been gone for 1 1/2 years and and I still miss her terribly... By the way...
1-4 of 4 Results