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  1. Barn, Stable & Shelter queries
    I'm finding my cobbled stable hard work to muck out. All the muck gets trodden into the cobbles, and even when I wash it out (thoroughly it takes half a day!) it's in exactly the same mess the next day! I have one large rubber mat covering two sunken parts of the stable as they collect the most...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hi, guys!... & ladies! :3 This is my first thread! Aiiiee, I'm proud of myself. ^.^ Anyways, to the point.. * Drumroll*.. First of all, I'm Makayla, and I come form North Carolina, In the United States. I've rode since I was about 8, so about 5 years, as I just turned 13! :-P I started riding at...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi Guys I just got offered a bedding for my stables. it is a mixture of woodchip and shredded paper. it is meant to be comfortable form the horse but yet have good soakage as of the shredded paper. it also holds well together because of the woodchip and it is dust free. what do you guys think ??
  4. Horse Talk
    Alright, I've been looking for online courses and such for certifications and/or degrees in the equine field. Being as I would like, at some point in the future, to start a rescue and boarding stable, I would like to have some educational background in Stable Management. I found a place that...
1-4 of 4 Results