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  1. Stolen Horses
    horses being marked and stolen in east sussex , polegate , wannock , horam , hellingly etc.. horses are having there manes plaited (small plaits in mane or tail) manes cut, or small parts of there legs clipped. Please be extra vigilant and make sure you look for any suspicious behaviour! Red...
  2. Horse Forum Support Help Desk
    How do you: 1. steal carrots from offline members 2. secure ur carrots before u log off ? Thanks
  3. Horse Forum Support Help Desk
    Hey guys I only joined yesterday and I am unsure of what this whole "carrot" idea is?? All I know is that you can hunt for them... and that Spyder has a lot!! :lol: So what I'm asking is - How do I find carrots? And how do I steal them? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results