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stirrup leathers

  1. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I've been a dressage/show rider all my life, but recently I have been getting into some jumping. I've found that the stirrup leathers I have are too long, and I was thinking I'd invest in some shorter leathers to get my leg in the right spot for a nice jump position. I was perusing the internet...
  2. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I've got a saddle that has the fender/stirrup leather that is attached by looping the stirrup leather over the tree of the saddle. (IOW, the side piece of the tree acts a bit like a D-ring for the stirrup leather's top attachment point) The problem is that one of them was unbuckled and got...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I bought a new Wintec Dressage saddle and the synthetic stirrup leathers. The left leather keeps "folding", creating a bump (close to the stirrup bar, just below the skirt, not under it) that bruises my inner thigh. I try to ride 4-5 times a week which means the bruise gets bruised again every...
  4. New to Horses
    I have been a step up from being obsessed with horses since kindergarten (I am in the 13-17 age range now) and have only recently been able to have actual experience with horses on an Arabian horse farm. It was absolutely (For lack of a better word) awesome having my entire attire smeared with...
  5. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Okay so my little cousin needs a pair of stirrup leathers since mine don't fit her she is 45" websites I have went on before say 48" but I am pretty sure that's what mine are.
  6. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    WANTED: Black covered leather stirrup leathers (preferably Toulouse). Would like to trade but may pay a reasonable price
  7. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I am currently paying off a Marcel Toulouse Genesis Aachen dressage saddle and I think it is covered leather. Do you need to use covered leather stirrup leathers with covered leather saddles to prevent damage or no? Thanks!
  8. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I'd like regular (not lined) stirrup leathers with the holes placed 1" apart as normal. Seems easy enough, right? BUT I want them with the buckles that reduce bulk. That seems to be the catcher, because I seem to find one or the other. ... The low profile buckles do help, right? I thought...
  9. Horse Tack and Equipment
    What are the pros and cons to both lined stirrup leathers and regular stirrup leathers?
  10. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I am looking for some new tack but am not sure how to measure the current sizes I have. For stirrup leathers, are they measured from buckle to the very end, buckle to the first hole, etc.? For girths, are they measured just buckle to buckle? For bit, is it ring to ring when laying flat, or...
  11. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    I'm willing to trade ONLY for: -polo wraps (hunter green, white, baby blue, pink, royal blue, burgundy) -baby pads (every color possible) -ear bonnets (white, baby blue, royal blue, burgundy) -bareback pad -fitted pads (like english show pads) FOR SALE/TRADE (only for any of the above items)...