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  1. Horse Protection
    I just had a horse microchipped when we were in at the vet yesterday ($60 for the chip and the implant fee, in case anyone is wondering). But this particular chip didn't come with registration into any database. What are the top databases to upload our information into? I emailed the breed...
  2. Horse Law
    Okay, so long story short my appaloosa's first owner recently contacted me about buying her back. They got denied their loan, so then she went to the state and claimed that the horse was stolen. At that point the issue was with Kim, the lady that bought the horse from the 1st, and I bought the...
  3. Stolen Horses
    I am still looking for Spec. He has been missing since May of 2010. Please email me for pictures and more information. Spec is a sorrel overo paint gelding. Regisitered 14-1 14-2 Kid quiet. Reward Offered [email protected] 1-204-445-2396 Thank you ,Kim
  4. Stolen Horses
    Our horse was stolen from us. He is a 16.3hh warmblood blood bay gelding. He has a club foot so he is not 100% sound so we believe he was probably taken to an auction. Last seen in Aldergrove BC. We believe based on the people That are associated with stealing him he could have been moved to AB...
  5. Stolen Horses
    horses being marked and stolen in east sussex , polegate , wannock , horam , hellingly etc.. horses are having there manes plaited (small plaits in mane or tail) manes cut, or small parts of there legs clipped. Please be extra vigilant and make sure you look for any suspicious behaviour! Red...
  6. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I got two horses in January for free. The lady was a little weird and they weren't in the best of shape (Were slightly skinny, scares, and rain rot) but I really wanted them. Since then they have gained some weight and lost their winter coats, hence leading to the discovery of an Oldenburg in my...
1-6 of 6 Results