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  1. Trail Riding
    I believe willow is doctor of animals and can save a horse's life when in pain in the stomach....
  2. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    Hi guys, I read a post on here about someone who's having a problem with a newly purchased horse. A lot of people are suggesting stomach ulcers, and there's a video mentioned a lot on the topic on palpating certain areas where ulcers could be present (and if so, the horse will show that they are...
  3. Horse Health
    We bought a 9yr Arabian about 2 months ago whom had been on pasture only for about a year and he looked pretty healthy, just needed a little weight on him. Well we feed our others grain with minerals every other day to every third day with free pasture on 6 acres and started him on the same...
1-3 of 3 Results