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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Found this horse while browsing around online. Sadly they didn't give any more pictures. I am pretty sure he is a tobiano, but I am confused by the base color. Why is his head a totally different color than his body?
  2. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    I just wanted to write a bit about eccentricity and how people view it, please forgive me if this is in the wrong place, or needs to be taken down because it's completely out of turn for this website! :) I recently came across a few people who were very down in the dumps because they were odd...
  3. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Ok, so this summer my gelding Sunny very randomly started getting white marks around his eyes. It started with just one and a few more have popped up since then. He has never had anything like this before and they aren't scars. He is a sorrel 12 y/o gelding, breed unknown. Thanks for any help!
  4. Horse Health
    Hope maybe someone else has seen this. I have a hunter mare, 10yo and have had her for four years. Just recently she has started cantering round in circles in her usual field for no reason, getting into a right sweat - and does not really want to stop when I go out to calm her. First time it...
  5. Horse Health
    So one of my horses is out on a property pretty much on spell (technically semi-retirement, due to a leg problem) I unfortunately have not been able to see him for two weeks, and i went out to him today to find a strange lump on his face. It's very solid, feels like as if it's made of bone. I...
1-5 of 5 Results