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  1. Horse Talk
    So, I've devoted my life to my horse, he's my baby, and he is one of the most talented horses i've ever met. He's a thoroughbred/arabian/morgan and he is the perfect mix of quiet, energetic, and really athletic. We compete and train on large courses strided for large horses. He can jump the...
  2. Show Jumping
    Hello everyone! I am a bit of a novice when it comes to showjumping- my horse is young and we are just beginning to jump a substantial height. Because we've started to up our level, I've decided that I really need to get some jumping knowledge before either of us gets hurt. I've got a few...
  3. English Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    I've been jumping under great coaching/lessons for 15+ years, but recently started increasing the height to 3'3"-3'6" ish. Now I need a good take off spot if it's going to be clean whereas when I was doing 2'6" and under, didn't really matter, the horse could chip or go long and still make it...
  4. Show Jumping
    I have never had this problem before, generally horses sort of know how to srtide themselves. My new boy is not getting his strides right EVERY TIME! He has a nice jump but is knocking them as he is putting an extra small stride in and making himself jump too deep. This isnt just in doubles it...
  5. Show Jumping
    Hi everyone, I have a 14 hand mare who I find it very difficult to set up accurate distances for when jumping grids. I was told to set them 3 human strides apart, but they always seem to be wrong! Is this horse distance and should it be adapted for ponies? What distances do you use? Thankyou.
  6. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    One of the green horses that I've been riding has been struggling with striding while jumping a line. I'm capable of holding a horse back or applying leg to get a specific number of strides in a line; I do it constantly. This horse, however, will takes off from a very deep spot, barely clearing...
1-6 of 6 Results