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  1. Horse Talk
    My paint is an apron face with pink all over his face, nose, eyes, lips! he will sneeze if anything touches over his nose about 3 inches above his nostrils so no low masks for him! so i have a small one that covers over his eyes and end just below his cheeks. His nose burns bad and he wont go...
  2. Horse Health
    I have a appaloose horse with a pink muzzle. He got a sunburn on his nose. Its not very bad but it irritates him. I was wondering what type of sunscreen would be best for him and what would soothe the sunburn he already has. Thank you!
  3. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    I recently posted another thread on my photography and got some great tips :) But I have more questions! here are some of my equine photography questions: ~ Do you want the sun behind YOU or do you want it behind your HORSE and it's rider? ~ When is the best time of day to do a horse...
  4. Horse Health
    Heyy So what do you all do when your horse sun burns their nose (or anywhere really). What product or what do you do?
  5. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I was wondering if anyone has used Quic Black and/or Sunflower Sunscreen? :?I work at a feed store and we carry both of these products but I want to know if they work. He's not a show horse so it's not a big deal but I think he is just gorgeous when hes all black. I'm not interested in the fly...
1-5 of 5 Results