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  1. Horse Talk
    My paint is an apron face with pink all over his face, nose, eyes, lips! he will sneeze if anything touches over his nose about 3 inches above his nostrils so no low masks for him! so i have a small one that covers over his eyes and end just below his cheeks. His nose burns bad and he wont go...
  2. Horse Health
    I have a appaloose horse with a pink muzzle. He got a sunburn on his nose. Its not very bad but it irritates him. I was wondering what type of sunscreen would be best for him and what would soothe the sunburn he already has. Thank you!
  3. Horse Health
    Heyy So what do you all do when your horse sun burns their nose (or anywhere really). What product or what do you do?
  4. Horse Grooming
    I was wondering if anyone has used Quic Black and/or Sunflower Sunscreen? :?I work at a feed store and we carry both of these products but I want to know if they work. He's not a show horse so it's not a big deal but I think he is just gorgeous when hes all black. I'm not interested in the fly...
1-4 of 5 Results