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  1. Barrel Racing
    Two years off of barrel racing and my mare is surprising me weekend after weekend! Two weeks ago she ran a 16.8 on barrels, this weekend she ran a 16.4 on a smaller pattern, (winning time was 15.7) and a 17.5 on a standard pattern (winning time was 17.4) she blew my mind!! Not only that but we...
  2. Horse Breeding
    Hey all! As some know, we have a surprise foal coming. we didn't know Star was in foal til TODAY and the vet came and said she was already starting to bag up! He gave her at least 5 days, 2 weeks at the most. It's a HUGE surprise because I didn't even suspect until last week when I noticed she...
  3. Horse Talk
    Share your stories/ pictures on your first horse, whether it be a surprise, planned, or 'grew-up-with' horse. Unfortunately I'm 13 and don't have my own yet:( But I'd love to hear all about your first horse!!
1-3 of 3 Results