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  1. Horse Health
    When the flies started coming out this year my horse began shaking his head which is normal I guess, but he always seemed to do it when I was haltering or unhaltering and leading. Honestly, although I blamed the flies, I also thought that he was putting it on a bit, and was it partly...
  2. Horse Health
    My horse has EMS and I would just like to see who else has a horse with this condition and what you do to help keep your horse healthy. I have used supplement after supplement and so far the only one that seems to work the best is Quiessence. Please add what supplements you use and have been...
  3. Horse Health
    My horse is a 14 year old appendix quarter horse. he was diagnosed with navicular syndrome for about a year now. if anyone has any advice on treatment please tell me what you have tried withyour horse. i dont know what to do with him. when he was diagnosed no one really explained to me what...
1-3 of 3 Results