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  1. Share your own opinions on Horse Tack & Equipment
    I'm an avid tack cleaner and much like the rest of the country in the USA, its been rainy if not humid so all of my tack has needed to be cleaned more often than I usually do. I stopped by my tack shop (conveniently located on my direct route to my home and barn.) to see if there is something...
  2. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a student at Southern Oregon University majoring in theatre arts. When I'm not at school I live in Washington, where my horses are located. I'm currently looking for a job anywhere near Ashland, OR that has to do with horses: I'm an excellent stall cleaner/barn...
  3. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I've looked up so much info on all three, my brain is going numb. I can't seem to find the answers I want. I've been using a glycerine bar, but it leaves my tack feeling like it has build-up-sticky-gross-ness (I mentioned numb brain, right?). After researching it, I found out that Glycerine is...
1-3 of 3 Results