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    What saddle brands make saddles with a wider seat? And have 18 inch seats? I like the look of Voltaires, Antares, CWD, Childeric, Vega/ Amerigo, Prestige! Please give brands and your opinion from your own personal experience! Thanks in advance!
  2. Horse Tack Reviews
    I have previously bought this brand in the eventing style but I need exceptional boots for showjumping. I need something that will provide superior support for the tendons whilst having an efficient ventilation process. As always, shock absorption and life expectancy are needed aspects as well...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Does anyone know if there is a western saddle with an Easy-Change Gullet system? I know there is a Wintec western saddle but am not sure if it has interchangeable gullet system.
  4. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Hi, I have been searching around for a new XCountry Mono-Flap and have some questions on brands. VOLTAIRE vs. DEVOUCOUX vs. DELGRANGE What are your preferance out of the brands? Price range on the brands? Easiest to fit to horses? Customer service? Any help would be great, Thanks!:-)
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    I need to buy a saddle by the end of the week. I am really looking for a Bates Caprilli Close Contact or a Bates Elevation or a M. Toulouse Premia. I need a 17.5 seat size and would prefer the easy change gullet system. I am in desperate need of a saddle but don't have a huge budget for it. Let...
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    I don't know if this is the right forum to use or not, so please don't yell at me, I just joined. I am not looking to buy or sell, just to find out what my tack would be worth if I did decide to sell. I have a brand new handmade all purpose english saddle. Real leather, black, good padding, not...
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    I have been around horses for practically my full life and they have all had martingales. Now with my own, I am wondering should I get one for him? What is its purpose? If I should what are qualities/brands that you recommend me looking for?
  8. Horse Tack and Equipment
    this is a wintec 500 but how do i know the type? is there a serial number that let me know the type? it is an a/p
  9. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Not sure which forum to post this. I recently got my AQHA mare Dedee back and have started riding her more this season. I have an all purpose black wintec saddle. I watched the saddle fitting videos (the 9 steps), and for the most part (that I can tell) it follows all the rules, however my horse...