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  1. Horse Talk
    Anybody out there live in Topeka or Lawrence Kansas? Can you tell me what tack shops are around there? I'll be in the area and always like to hit the local Horse Stores!
  2. Horse Talk
    What's your favorite online tack shop that you trust the most? Get the best deals on? Stuff like that... I personally like State Line Tack, just because they reasonable shipping ;) And pretty good prices. Idk how I feel about They have soo much stuff to choose from, which is...
  3. Draft Horses
    Sooooo I dunno if this is even allowed, but I am so happy I feel these people need some recognition. Today, I went to EMPIRE FARMS TACK shop. This was the first day they opened. On a different post someone suggested them and they just so happen to be an hour from me. So I went in there, and let...
1-3 of 4 Results