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tall boots riding english
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  1. Horse Talk
    I'm really hoping someone might be able to figure something out. I've walked in a local park/preserve that's quite small for close to 10 yrs. I love nature and have become friends with generations of birds and rabbits. When I bring them treats or dinner (for a few of the lgr birds), I take...
  2. Horse Show Clothing
    Hey there! My name is Caroline and I am an intermediate rider preparing for my first horse trials :D It is in three weeks and I am still without my Tall Black Boots!! Unfortunately, we live quite a while from the nearest dover saddlery and the soonest possible date i could receive my boots is in...
  3. Horse Show Clothing
    I got new tall boots a few weeks ago (Ariat Challenge 2 Zip Feild Boot)...and the leather is really stiff, so we bought Leather Therapy: Restorer and Conditioner and the lady said, "Put it on the inside of your boots because it takes away the shine." Does this mean the inside like the part tht...
1-3 of 3 Results