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  1. Horse Stories, Poems, Famous Horses in sub forum
    xJumperx is writing again! Uh Oh! :p Some of you may have read my previously written story, "Heartlines." If you haven't read it, give it a try! Link here: Anyways, I've gotten back into yet another...
  2. General Riding queries
    Sorry this is going to be a long story/rant... I'm not new to the show world or anything, but my dad is going to be gone the day of a big show, so that means I'll be at it pretty much alone, and I'm 15. Although my mom is going to be there, she doesn't really do horses since I have little...
  3. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Hi! My name is Marissa and I've been riding for four and a half years. But I'm still not sure what level I'm at. My first two years of riding were spent walking and trotting around an area for a half hour (I later found out that this wasn't "riding" at all) but then I changed barns and I had to...
  4. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    is it just me, or did the teen talk sub-board disappear? '~' maybe my internet is being funky. any reason for this? will it come back?
1-4 of 12 Results