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  1. Teen Talk
    A while ago, my aunt invited me to come to her home in Oklahoma for part of the summer to learn about training horses and retraining rescues. We were thinking of doing it in 2019, but the plans changed, and now I'm staying through the middle of May to the middle of June this year (I'll be...
  2. Teen Talk
    :runninghorse2: hey guys! Wanna chat about Shetlands ?(cutest ponies in the world) if you love boofy maned, short legged little ones, then this is the place for you! We can share pics, videos, and just generally chat!:gallop:
  3. Horse Stories and Poems
    xJumperx is writing again! Uh Oh! :p Some of you may have read my previously written story, "Heartlines." If you haven't read it, give it a try! Link here: Anyways, I've gotten back into yet another...
  4. Teen Talk
    I'm Doing a one day event tomorrow and I'm going to walk the cross country course later but there might be a ditch. I've never jumped a ditch before and I'm riding my friends pony that I've ridden 3 times! How should I jump a ditch? PLEASE HELP:-)
  5. New to Horses
    yes i am a guy,i show horses. At the indoor arena i ride at i have friends, but they dont do 4-h. there are 3 other guys 2 are twin brothers and are way younger then me 1 is way older. i feel like a loner any tips on how to make horse friends. p.s. i have alot of friends at school but none of...
  6. Teen Talk
    i just feel like absolute crap right now and it really sucks and i'm just so depressed and sad and negative all the time. i don't wanna be like that but then i feel even worse. so lets see where to start. i'm gonna try to make this as short as i can haha. so anyways.. i only have about 3 to 4...
  7. Teen Talk
    Any teens on here from North Dakota or Minnesota? Would love to meet you! :D
  8. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Sorry this is going to be a long story/rant... I'm not new to the show world or anything, but my dad is going to be gone the day of a big show, so that means I'll be at it pretty much alone, and I'm 15. Although my mom is going to be there, she doesn't really do horses since I have little...
  9. Teen Talk
    I just started driving today and Love it!!! I get to drive the truck tomorrow I am soo happy!:D:D:clap: :razz::lol:Is there anyone else who is a student driver? What kind of car do you drive? Do you like driving?:-P:lol::lol:
  10. English Riding
    Hi! My name is Marissa and I've been riding for four and a half years. But I'm still not sure what level I'm at. My first two years of riding were spent walking and trotting around an area for a half hour (I later found out that this wasn't "riding" at all) but then I changed barns and I had to...
  11. Teen Talk
    Hello there, everyone! I'm Endiku, or Azzi- as everyone who knows me in real life or otherwise calls me =] I don't really have time to do this as I'm supposed to be working on my chemistry homework right now but...who likes homework? :3 I am a freshman in highschool this year, and just turned...
  12. General Off Topic Discussion
    is it just me, or did the teen talk sub-board disappear? '~' maybe my internet is being funky. any reason for this? will it come back?