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  1. Horse Protection
    I just had a horse microchipped when we were in at the vet yesterday ($60 for the chip and the implant fee, in case anyone is wondering). But this particular chip didn't come with registration into any database. What are the top databases to upload our information into? I emailed the breed...
  2. Horse Law
    Hi, there! So I bought a horse that needed some TLC and groceries for $100. He was a stallion at the time, and they agreed to let me keep him on their property until I got him castrated. I went up there frequently to love on him and work on his ground manners (the previous owners had requested...
  3. Horse Law
    hey, im wondering if anyone can help me, i leased a horse to a lady (all verbal.. young and stupid is know!) but she is now trying to sell the horse without my permission. I have all the reciepts and ownership for him, but police or anyone wont help me because i ALLOWED her to take the horse. It...
1-3 of 3 Results