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  1. Horse Grooming
    As you can see in the photo BJ has quite a thin mane. Before he was mine, his mane was pulled. The previous owners brushed a bit of it out. I used this horse conditioner which was then kept in overnight. I then brushed out his mane, which caused a lot to be pulled out. It was quite thick...
  2. Horse Grooming
    How to get mud chunks out of manes!! after it rains my boys roll!! and how to get a long thick mane and tail!? Mavs is thick and getting longer about a foot longer then a year ago, his mane is longish but thin! Harleys tail is thick and long but i want his thicker haha and his mane is short...
  3. Horse Grooming
    My gelding has an INSANELY thick mane and will never stand to get his mane pulled. Not because he is badly trained, he's just VERY fidgety. I saw this "Solo Comb Mane Thinner" here: Solo Comb Mane Thinner - Grooming Products and thought it would be a fix to my problems. My parents don't fund...
  4. Horse Health
    I'v had my appendix Moose for the past 3 1/2 years. He's a 17.3 gelding who's 8 years old. Moose and I have literally started from rock bottom, and have progressed into Congress Champions. Ever since I first bought Moose, we knew that weight was going to be a problem. We have tried so many...
  5. Horse Grooming
    My horses mane is quite thick but her tail is a little wimpy. Its not too bad but is there any way i can make it a bit longer and thicker?
1-5 of 5 Results