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  1. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Hi everyone, I am looking into adopting this 7 yr old ottb(off track thoroughbred) gelding,and I was hoping to get some opinions on his conformation. he has some minor arthritis in his rf, so we'll just be doing some lower level dressage. also he was just gelded last year and they said that he...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hi there! In desperate need of a name for my new TB gelding so any help coming up with a name would be awesome! He's a big 5yr old chestnut with a blaze, and a super laid back goofy kind of guy, any suggestions? :-) Oh and I'm pretty sure his registered name is Crown Royal..
  3. Horse Health
    I'm new at this and am not even sure if people will answer but I need some help and its worth a shot. I recently bought an OTTB from an auction. I didn't go to the auction to buy a horse originally, I went to the auction with a friend who was selling some cattle but when I seen this skinny...
  4. Horse Pictures
    So we've been looking for another horse for a while, and we finally came across Zeus: An 11 year old, 16 hand Thoroughbred. He's a big sweetheart. :) Very mellow and just a gentle-giant. He rides well and beats our other two horses' butts in racing! :lol: He's really fast, but has never been on...
1-4 of 4 Results