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  1. Jumping
    I've been taking riding lessons for 10 months now, every other week up until about July when I started taking lessons every week. I've done lots of groundpoles and have jumped little crossrails three times now. Does anyone have any tips for a beginning jumper? I can walk/trot, and my cantering...
  2. English Riding Queries
    I just moved to a new barn where there isn’t a mirror in the arena. It’s a hunter/jumper barn. I only take 1 lesson a week and am struggling with self improvement. Previously I was able to make breakthroughs and deepens understanding on my own because I could see what I was doing while I was...
  3. Jumping
    Hey all, I am moving soon away from my family to live with a world champion show jumper who is going to train me. I have never jumper before so I was wondering if any one had any tips to start my jumping career? I have being riding since nov 2019. I have done trotting poles etc. but no series...
  4. English Riding Queries
    So I started riding from the ages of 8-13 and I loved it but stopped because I just grew out of it. I’m now 20 and have recently taken it back up, and have completely fallen in love with it again! However I am having a lot of trouble with cantering. I just get really uncomfortable and feel like...
  5. English Riding Queries
    HOW on EARTH do I keep my heels down. ten years ago when I learned to ride my instructor told me to imagine a weight pulling my heels waaaaay dooooown and I don't remember ever really having a problem with my heels. but now that I'm riding again, that is my BIGGEST PROBLEM!! I think one of my...
  6. Horse Training, Performance & behavioral problems
    I have started Liberty with my boy, we just started today actually. I started off by leading him, doing a few loops (saying the word loop) and standing still (saying the word stand) on queue. We then moved onto me loosely holding the lead, him and I walking side by side. He was a bit forward...
  7. Horse Showmanship
    I'm going to my first show in about eight weeks. I have only decided on doing one class, just a walk-trot class. Walking and trotting is second nature to me, duh, but my instructor started to tell me about spacing between other horses and doing circles and cutting across the arena to avoid...
  8. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Hi, wondering if anyone has tips or exercises to keep my shoulders back when I ride and for not leaning forward as I tend to lean forward too much and not sit back when I ride, especially in the canter. Is there exercises to improve on this or some tips while I ride? Thank you :)
  9. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    In the past I've ridden difficult horses but recently it's been getting more confusing? What should you do when riding a difficult horse? Are there any basic rules? Please help :-|:cowboy:
  10. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    So today I rode English for the first time since the summer, and although I felt natural up on the horse, I felt slightly off. As though I had lost some of the experience I once had. It was amazing to be back in the saddle, but I need some help with my equitation, and to be quite honest, I need...
  11. No new threads please. Phasing out
    Hi I am going to be buying my first horse soon. I have been riding for about a year and I have recently started jumping. I just started this thread for any tips you could give me on helping the horse settle in and what I should start with when she/he is done with quarantine. Thanks! : )
  12. Trail Riding
    Hey, so um... insert random phrase here... Haha, anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good trails to ride on. I'd like to ride soon... Help me please! You should share you secrets about trail riding with me! Tell me how you can actually enjoy being hit in the face with branches...
  13. Horse Training, Performance & behavioral problems
    Hey! So I have a horse that's already pretty well built but I really want to start getting him more toned for the upcoming show season. Please keep in mind if you post tips I am looking for NON forceful ways. I also cannot use trails/hills because of the location of my barn.
  14. English Riding Queries
    I was working on w-c and c-w transitions with my mare last night and we have trouble with consistency; we do it well sometimes (balanced, forward, slight head tilt to the inside) and we do it not so well sometimes. Before I tackle things about her, first I want to make sure that I'm asking for...
  15. Barrel Racing
    Hey y'all! I have been barrel racing for three years, and have had my current horse for one show-season. We have gone from 21's to low 18's, and I'm looking for that 17.:D He's got the speed, the will, and the turns. He just needs a little "Boost". So what do you do before a race? How...
  16. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    I'm new to riding? I've wanted to ride since I was little but I was never allowed, I'm 16, just started college and finally managed to convince my mum to get me riding lessons :D , but I want to know what I should expect for the first lesson and is there anything I should know as a beginner? :?:
  17. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Hi guys, I'm new to this website. :) So, I started riding around January, but I've wanted to ride for my entire life. At my boarding school, I get to ride maybe 3 or 4 times a month. I just started learning the sitting trot in March (seems a long time ago, but a lot of the lessons we couldn't...
  18. Horse Shows
    My first horse show is in 3 weeks, im super exited but also a bit nervous! Does anybody have any tips or tricks to help me do better?:-)
  19. Western Riding Queries
    Hey there. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or tricks for riding Western? I can w/t/c but I'm always looking to improve my equitation ect. So I figured that this could be a thread for any tips you have.
  20. English Riding Queries
    Hey there. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or tricks for riding English? I can w/t/c and do some low jumps but I'm always looking to improve my equitation ect. so I figured that this could be a thread for any tips you have.
1-20 of 63 Results