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  1. Horse Talk
    Hello! What are some advanced (extremely advanced) topics present in the horse industry today that could make good speech topics? It will be a 7 to 12 minute presentation, and it will most likely advance to a national competition. Not necesarrily just issues, but anything that would make a good...
  2. Horse Talk
    hey guys, i really need help finding a topic for my public presentation! im on the public presentation team for my 4-h county and im hoping to make it to nationals in presentations and i really need a intersting topic about horses or the horse world. its not a presasive presentation just...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hi! I'm trying to come up with a topic for my 4-H educational poster. These hang in the barns and are up for the public. I need ideas for what to do mine on? Any idea is a good one :] In the past i've done -Parts of the horse -parts of the english saddle -horse colors -western hand positions...
1-3 of 3 Results