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  1. Trail Riding
    Hello to all - I am new to the group. I have recently been asked to re-post 3 Facebook statuses involving lost horses. Two have gone missing from pastures near our farm, one (incredibly!) bolted off at a horse show and can't be found, and two more were on a campground trail and spooked...
  2. Trail Riding
    HI! I have been riding since before I was walking. Back when I was eleven I did the 4h thing, found out the hard way that its too expensive. What I do now is trailer my horse to local state lands and ride the trails. She is very bossy and quick. I live in just north of the little town of...
  3. Trail Riding
    Was wondering if anyone on here rides at Walborn or West Branch here in Ohio? We try to ride at one or the other every weekend in the Spring and Fall. Was hoping to try to get a group together to start riding together. Right now its just my husband and I riding together. Neither is a great lead...
1-3 of 3 Results