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trailer loading
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  1. Transporting Horses, Trailer and Horsebox queries
    This is my first post ever :). The topic may have been covered but I don't know how to search through the threads to find it! Just purchased a used Trails West extra tall and wide, 2-horse slant (Sierra II). There is plenty of room in the first position in front of the trailer for my 15.2 mare...
  2. Transporting Horses, Trailer and Horsebox queries
    Any simple/quick tips on loading large horses onto trailers? Anything to keep them calm while in the trailer?
  3. Horse Training
    So my mare has been trailered before, and the person who trailered her said they "had no problem at all" She won't even walk past a trailer! She's terrified. Some of the stalls at my barn have wooden floors and the horses have to step up into them, my mare has a ground floor. My friend's horse...
  4. Horse Training
    This clip is of horses we have loaded at Clinics or Demonstartions we have had this year. We hope it helps you load your horse. If ever you have a question, please feel free to send us an email. Gord Searle
  5. Horse Training
    This is a Video we sell to help folks learn to load their own horse. Trailer loading is less about the trailer and everything about Leadership.
1-5 of 5 Results