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  1. Horse Breeding
    I need help! I bought a 2010 filly last fall. The girl I bought her from had signed registration and transfer papers all filled out from the breeder/previous owner. I sent them in to AQHA, and it turns out the dam is registered but not DNA-typed. So, from what I understand - my new filly...
  2. Horse Law
    Hey everyone, just a quick question. Does anyone know if there is anywhere on your aqha member profile where they keep record of the horses you own? Of course you have your horses' certificates on paper, but is there a way to look at it online. Its kinda pointless to purchase the $1 ownership...
  3. Horse Breeding
    im just going to take a guess that this thread belongs on this board, because breeders must know something about registration. :S a few months back, i purchased a 20 month old egyptian arabian mare (she is now 28 months old) from an auction, she came with papers. the name of the original owner...
1-3 of 3 Results