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  1. English Riding
    My horse is a former ranch/games horse from what I know of his history. I'm transitioning him into English since he moves like an English horse and has taken to jumping and dressage much more than anything western. He takes up contact well and rounds his back well - but only in a western curb...
  2. English Riding
    My mare is an 18-year-old who I bought about a year and a half ago, very well-behaved and generally quiet but willing to work. She has been used for hunt chase by her previous owners and I'm pretty sure she's done hunt chase most of her life based on her behaviour. She's an angel at walk and...
  3. English Riding
    Usually, the horses I used to ride at my old stable, where two tough ponies. I would have to use a crop on the one a lot more then the other, but I still used crops on them. For the horse I ride (Bee) at my new stable, she is really sensitive. You barley have to put pressure on her sides to make...
  4. Horse Training
    Hello everyone, I have a 9 year old mare who's coming along on all three gaits but the transition from lope to trot is horrible. She goes from a decent lope to trot, trot, trot and I haven't been able YET to figure out how to help her make the transition better. Any advice??? Thanks :D
  5. Dressage
    I have been working on transitions with my horse for quite a while. It's rather difficult for him to make downward transitions, but the Canter - Trot transitions are the worst. When I first got him, he did the ' fall forward ' transition, which we have worked through, but to compensate he has...
1-5 of 5 Results