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  1. Hoof health and Care
    I have an old horse who struggles to lift his feet one front offside in particular looking for tips on how to Chisel trim.
  2. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I have been paying my farrier $30 per horse to trim their hooves. They are barefoot horses so they only require a trim--no shoeing or any other special needs for their hooves besides a trim. Is $30 a normal price for a farrier for a barefoot trim or is it expensive? Should I find a new farrier...
  3. Hoof health and Care
    Saw a mare listed on Facebook I am interested in but noticed the rear hooves look rather short compared to her front. Thoughts?
  4. Hoof health and Care
    Hey everyone, looking for some opinions :) Warning - LONG story! I just switched farriers. Old farrier, DENNIS, lived over an hour away and I was actually outside his usual zone, but I managed to convince him to come out this way. He was a certified 'barefoot trimmer'. I think he did a...
  5. Hoof health and Care
    Has anybody ever used Kendra Skorstad as a farrier? She is located in Burlington, WI. Just wondering if you have what your thoughts are on her. Looking into getting a different farrier and like to hear from people before I go with one. Thanks! :D
  6. Hoof health and Care
    Hello! I currently have 10 month old who since November/December has been seen by our current barefoot farrier. Another farrier who I use to shoe my current horse mentioned how short she is and that right now no damage is done because she is light, but she can go lame since she is being cut too...
  7. Hoof health and Care
    Hello all, I have a bit a situation that I'm dealing with, and I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience or any advice. My gelding is around 8 years old (a lot of people think younger) and was previously used by the Amish. In early May he had a trim by his usual farrier. I'm a...
  8. Hoof health and Care
    So after countless hours watching videos and reading articles on hoof trimming, learning about internal anatomy of hooves, etc I want to actually get my hands on a few cadaver hooves for dissection and practice for trims. My farrier said to contact local equine vets, so I've sent a few emails...
  9. Hoof health and Care
    Hi, I've started trimming my horses and any feedback would be helpful. This is a video of before and after that I made today: Thanks!
  10. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    so i had my firrer come out and do my horses hooves. and when he was doing my 4 year old he would lean on him and try to get him to drop his hoof and (hes 16.2hh and is probley 1400 pounds) just be a butt, this isnt the first time hes done his feet but this is the first time hes done this. he...
  11. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Let me preface this by saying that I do not do shows...I trail ride and keep my horses as pets if that influences the suggestion. Here are my two - the one of the left, is my mustang mare Maggie and she has the thickest mane and tail ever! I am looking for suggestions as to what I can do with...
  12. Horse Health
    My lovely gelding has issues. I don't know exactly where to start with this. I guess I'll start with saying that he behaves perfectly fine for me when it's time to pick out his hooves. He stands square, holds up each hoof, and lets me pick them all out. It's routine, it's normal, it's easy...
  13. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I have been curious in seeing how difficult it would be for me to learn to trim my own horses hooves. I leave them barefoot and natural, so only the basic trim is necessary. Should I take a class or can I do it from videos and books? Just curious to see what you all thought and any...
1-13 of 13 Results