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  1. No new threads please. Phasing out
    Hey there! I wasn't sure where to post this as I'm new to the forum, but I am not new to horses or horse ownership. I have a Standardbred named Jackson that I've owned for approx 6 years. I bought him when I moved to Charleston, SC and was told that he is an ex-trotter. I don't have any records...
  2. Horse Training & behavioral problems
    Needing some advice on ways to help encourage my unraced Standardbred trotter (not pacer) to canter under saddle. All up I've managed to get him to do roughly about 30 - 35 strides combining about twelve separate rides together but its difficult as a lot of the time I'll ask for forward and give...
  3. Horse Pictures
    my 23 year old standardbred trotter :)
  4. Horse Breeds
    I love Standies! Here is mine! Western Comet (Western Hanover x Lil's Leader x Town Leader) He was a really good racer
  5. Horse Pictures
    This is my new loan horse Calum :D. He is a 23 year old, bay, standard bred trotter. Tell me what you think of him! (I only have 2 body pictures that aren't very good. So i know you want be able to critique) <3:D
  6. Horse Breeds
    hey guys :) so on Saturday morning i'm going to see a 23 year old, chestnut Standardbred Trotter, that is up for part-loan. I know this may sound stupid, but i have no idea what a trotter is! Can anybody clear this up for me? Thanks :) x
1-6 of 6 Results