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trust issues

  1. New to Horses
    Hey, I've been doing riding lessons for about a month now and before that I did a week of riding camp at the same barn. I have been riding the same horse and I really like him and we work well together in the arena. My problem is that I don't know/think that he likes/trusts me back. I always...
  2. Horse Training
    Today when I was riding my horse became very head shy. She wouldn't let me touch her head! but eventually she let me take her bridle off. She has been somewhat head shy due to her previous owners but today she acted as if no one had ever touched her there. Does anyone have some advice?! :?
  3. Horse Training
    I got my mare Blíð when I was 8 years old (I'm 19 now) but I didn't start riding her until I was 10. We had the perfect bond, she always behaved perfectly and I could go alone on trail rides. I had rode her for 6 years and then my parents decided to give her away... But now, about 2,5 years...
  4. Horse Training
    sorry this is so long but please take the time to read, i desperately need advice .... Ive had my mare april for just over two months now, and to start with, she was a complete angel in every sense, to lead, catch, groom, on the ground and to ride. Now however, shes started to turn sour, shes...