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  1. Training, Performance, discussion, problem queries
    I'm working on the basics of reining with my 6 year old right now. He has the correct cross over ( outside leg over and across inside leg ) but I can not figure out how to get him to speed it up. I am in the Equine program in Lamar Community College and I worked all last semester on getting him...
  2. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Today was reallllly baddd.... I went to my lesson that I had planned to have for show prep because I leave tomorrow morning! At first (very first!) it was ok, but then It just got bad... I could not get Bee to turn at all!! I came off 3 times because we ran into fences! We would be cantering...
  3. Training, Performance, discussion, problem queries
    So this is a hypothetical question no one has been able to give me a straight answer on yet. Maybe someone here can give me more insight. The situation: So the horse you are riding decides to be a brat, and refuses to turn right. Every time you cue to go right, he turns his head to the left...
1-3 of 4 Results