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  1. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    Hi all, Just for a little fun I wanted to see what everyone else thought about my TWH mare’s conformation. I have no idea about her lineage or background whatsoever. Photos aren’t that great since she rarely stands square but oh well
  2. Horse Talk
    I've hear stories of horses and ponies with large sclera. I like the look. I am not sure if she has a "kind eye" or not.
  3. Gaited Horses
    Hi I am familiar with thoroughbred and quarter horse blood lines but I know very little about Tennessee walking bloodlines. Can you tell me if my walker has good lines? If you had to buy a horse based only on bloodlines would you buy him? Also if you know any dispositions that are common in his...
  4. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I have a TWH that was a rescue and is seven years old. He was not ridden frequently before but the previous owner did take him to a trainer for 30 days. When I got him last summer I rode him pretty frequently and he would get spooked occasionally and buck, but he was gradually calming down over...
  5. Gaited Horses
    Hello, I am new to the TWH community with a recent TWH addition to my "herd". I am curious about her pedigree and value. Is she worth considering breeding? She has a great personality and smooth easy going gait. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Gaited Horses
    Hello, I have a new (to me) TWH arriving on Sunday. Her bit and bridle aren't coming with her. (I don't know much about bits. When I was a kid I just rode in a western curb bit - rode my horse for pleasure around the farm and my house.) So I need to buy a new bit and bridle. To start...
  7. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I have a 16 year old tennessee walker/draft cross that I've had for 8 months now! When I first got her she hadn't been worked or ridden for about 3 years and came from a Montana ranch where she had been a broodmare and strictly trail horse. It has taken me up until the last couple months to get...
  8. Gaited Horses
    So i've posted here before about various problems and thanks to all your help, various online things, and other people IRL i've been able to successfully get my TWH Skyy to gait. He will do a flatwalk/dogwalk and a RW. I had to change bits to a walking horse bit from the snaffle but once I did...
  9. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hi, I have a black TWH, that prefers pasture over a stall, so sun exposure gets the best of her dark black coat, fades to almost a bay color by Fall..any suggestions on best ways to keep it fading? Thanks! Kim
  10. Gaited Horses
    I was wondering if there is any way at all to see if my TWH mare has had any foals in the past. I have tried contacting the owner, but he doesn't want to talk to me. Thank you for helping!!!
  11. Gaited Horses
    Please read to the end... So I'm 14 and have been wanting a horse for a WHILE... I have been riding since I was 8 and it is my whole life. I started competing in dressage and jumping when I was 9, stopped jumping, competed in dressage for 2 years, did a few shows in training level last year...
  12. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    So i'm trying to work on getting my twh to stay collected. He's very heavy in the mouth and I really want to work on his gaits so he isn't so pacey or doesn't throw his head up at the canter. I'm wondering if there is a certain bit I could use that won't be harsh on his mouth but will help him...
  13. Gaited Horses
    I got my horse Skyy in January this year. He's a registered TWH with The Pusher as his grandsire. - He is the first gaited horse I have owned. He was trained EXTREMELY well by a teen I mean very very verrrrrrrrrrry well. When I got him he could do his FW, RW, Rack. She even said she had used him...
  14. Show Jumping
    So in January I got my 13 year old 17hh TWH. He's a big guy! He's so perfect and we enjoy a lot of trail rides together. Unfortunately I moved and don't have a trailer so although i'm more in the country i'm farther from accessible trails. It's just the gravel rode. Yuck. ANYWAYS-- the girl I...
  15. Horse Breeds
    My half-Tennessee Walker is quite a skinny horse. My father says when he owned TWHs, they were all pretty skinny. So, I was just wondering, are they naturally skinny or what? Haha, just a random question.
  16. Eventing
    Hey, so im a very experenced rider in h/j but never done xc and eventing. So I trail ride all the time and I know my insane thoroughbred would kill me so im decideing weather to buy a MFT rocky mountian or a TWH for trails , but I wanna do XC any ideas? I appreciat it a lot thanks, em (:
  17. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    15h Chestnut roan with flaxen mane and tail Tenn. Walking horse mare; amazingly beautiful head - elegant like an Arabian; big defined blaze with matching socks on right side; silver hairs sprinkle her coat evenly and she changes colors in the sunlight! Gotta love those roan animals! 7 years old...
  18. Gaited Horses
    Hi, I know little to almost nothing about gaited horses, I love the look of the Tennesse Walking Horse but the gaited paces dont sound appealing to me. Do TWHs have to be gaited? Is it more of a genetic thing or a trained thing or both? Thanks.
1-18 of 40 Results