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  1. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    Okay, I'd typed out the whole story once, and it took me an hour on my iPad...then it somehow all deleted when I tried to submit it. So, let me ask what I need to without the whole story. I am boarding two horses at a facility I'd worked at over summer. Since I'm there more, I've noticed...
  2. Horse Health
    One of my horses (Well, not mine he was under the care of family friends) has been left in a paddock for 2 years and nothing has been done with him. When i went to see him he was underweight and had no muscle at all. I quickly found a place for him but i will be restarting him to become a light...
  3. Horse Health
    Hey, I have an Arabian that severely underweight and I don't know how to get him to gain weight. We have tried every thing with grains and mash and senior feed and it just doesn't help! He is 26 but I have heard that Arabians live a long time. Any suggestions?
  4. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    The horse I want to get is a 7 year old saddlebred that has been not taken care of well. She really needs to gain about 50 lbs. how can I do that? What should I feed her and how much a day? Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results