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  1. Horse Shows
    Hi all, Im going to my first show in 3 weeks and im in the process of registering my paint filly therefore rego wont be ready in time, but im hoping I can just show in unregistered classes but im not sure what classes are what and what class my filly needs a rego for, my filly is 2 and half...
  2. Horse Talk
    hey im trying to find the breeder of my mare. she is a tb. unregistered. no papers. how can i find this info?
  3. Horse Talk
    Random question: Has there ever recently been any unregistered horses compete in the nfr? Specifically barrel racing? Very interested and would love to know! It'd be amazing if there was. It seems like there is no hope for those horses with no papers. :think: :?
1-3 of 3 Results