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  1. English Riding
    I am looking at buying one of the following two USED saddles: 1. Collegiate Finalist for approx $500 (no irons or leathers). 2. Collegiate Graduate by Ruiz Diaz (model # 65060) with irons and leathers for approx $350. I am just getting back into English riding and am not looking to spend a...
  2. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    Hi guys! I have a beautiful full buffalo Devoucoux for sale: 2004 FULL BUFFALO Devoucoux 16.5" 3 Flap 4.5" Tree + Leathers and Iron ? Empire Tack It's a 16.5" with 3 flaps (slightly long and standard grade of forwardness) and a 4.5" tree. $2700 Comes with matching Devoucoux leathers and...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment
    How much would you pay for this used 40yr old Bona Allen Saddle. I am told that it is roping saddle. It is in good condition but I have no idea what it is worth. Cannot find much info on Bona Allen.
  4. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Need Help Choosing Saddles - used or new Hi all, I am looking into saddles for the horse I am going to buy. Basically her owner has offered me the saddle we use now for around $100. It is an old model Thorowgood Supra, pretty sure they don't sell it any more. This is about what it looks...
  5. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    Hey everyone! I have a used, good condition saddle for sale right now. 17", medium tree, Dover Circuit jumping saddle. The left front panel needs a repair to be reattached to the saddle, but I've been riding in it for about 3 years without the repair. I think it is such a comfortable saddle and...
  6. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    Im looking for a Wintec Western All Arounder- preferably used. the specs im looking for areee: Colour: preferably Black Bar size: Semi-QH (i have a narrow TB... im not sure if a FQH would work, if you know, let me know!) seat size...
1-6 of 6 Results