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    So my horse (Appy Gelding) in the passed month has developed uveitis in his left eye and the vet has determined that he is totally blind in it. We have started him on equinox as maintenance an we're going to watch to make sure it's not causing any pain. Well in this passed week I've noticed he...
  2. Horse Health
    I have a new horse that I worry from my research may have equine recurrent uveitis, but I have never had personal experience with it (I am a vet tech but my tech experience is with cats and dogs). My equine vet is not coming out until next month and I am just looking for an experienced horse...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi guys, First of all, this is my first time posting here! Wooh! I'm glad to have made an account. Anyhoo, I just recently started the adoption process of this adorable varnish Appy gelding that is about ten years old. I am unsure if he is homozygous for the Leopard complex, but he has several...
1-3 of 3 Results