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  1. Horse Health
    Hi everyone, I am hoping to find some answers that I have been having a hard time finding. I am looking into getting my own horse as an FFA and 4H project. I have been making a workup of all of the costs including, starting/one-time costs, monthly costs, and yearly costs. But I am having a hard...
  2. Horse Health
    I have been vaccinating my horses for years with a combo separate from the West Nile Vaccine. I vaccinate on the same day on each side of the neck and have never had any problems in 20 years. With this being said, I am curious if anyone has tried the combo vaccines that include the West Nile...
  3. Horse Health
    Hey! (PLEASE NOTE- i will be speaking to my vet but id like to get some ideas of what others do) So i just got my first horse and I'm a little lost with vaccines. My guy got wormed last month and had a 4-way (including flu,rhino, and tetnus) in the spring. Can someone guide me on how often you...
  4. Horse Shows
    Every year competitors fail to comply with regulations relating to vaccinations. This video looks to help competitors by discussing what these are and the process they go through when competing.
  5. Horse Health
    Hello, I have a filly who is about 1 year 9 months old. She has pretty much been a range pony till now so hasn't had any vaccinations. What vaccines would be best/safe for her before moving her in with someone else's horses?
  6. Horse Health
    I have been through years of psychotherapy and medications because of this incident I had with a horse. Twelve years ago I went to this ranch in PA called Malibu Dude Ranch and that place was just awesome! I loved every minute of it except one part when I was on a horse and the horse next to me...
  7. Horse Health
    I have had a 7-month old filly for almost a month now, and I was trying to find out what shots/vaccinations she will need? I know that she was wormed the week before I got her, but I don't know about how the mare was vaccinated while she was pregnant or if she was. I was hoping that someone with...
  8. Horse Health
    I'm moving my horse on Sunday to a new stable. The previous stable, which he has been at for about 3 years, did not believe in giving vaccinations to their horses. Now the new stable requires Distemper, tetanus, and virus flu shot. I have someone to administer them, I'm just wondering if these...
1-8 of 8 Results