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  1. Horse Breeding
    Just like any other warm-blooded woman, I get the warm and fuzzies any time I see a baby anything, so I especially enjoy this time of year seeing the calves, bunnies, puppies and, obviously, the foals. I belong to a Facebook group dedicated to the foal-watch for 2014, and I've just been...
  2. Horse Talk
    This is a thread to vent about all the things that tick you off in the horse world and why. Here is mine. People that go through horses like toilet paper. Buy sell buy sell.....Buy a horse, play with it, then send it off like a used toy...Poor horses should know where HOME is and never have to...
  3. Horse Talk
    Okay, just before I get my little vent going, please, don't attack me. I don't need it I know I probably sound ridiculous to some people, but please, I just need a vent. Not an extreme argument or extreme opinion. Thanks for listening to my little rant:-) I've been working with my horse for the...
1-3 of 4 Results