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  1. Horse Health
    So my horse (Appy Gelding) in the passed month has developed uveitis in his left eye and the vet has determined that he is totally blind in it. We have started him on equinox as maintenance an we're going to watch to make sure it's not causing any pain. Well in this passed week I've noticed he...
  2. Horse Breeds
    I am Isabel, a Master in International Business student at Business School Lausanne. I would very much appreciate if you could fill this survey for me. It is for a school project and have chosen horses since it's my passion. Thank you! *NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS ASKED FOR * Thank you for...
  3. No new threads please. Phasing out
    Highly considering getting my first horse. I have a boarding facility lined up. I'm just trying to figure out everything i'll need cost-wise before i make the plunge. I want to budget as much as possible before i make the commitment. Any help would be nice! I'm looking for average cost per...
  4. Horse Talk
    So... first off I've been very fortunate with the place where I agist, I get free agistment, free hay, and a roundyard. The daughter, who is the horse person of the family, has helped me a fair bit and always has advice and whatnot, which I have mostly taken in good faith, despite sometimes...
  5. Horse Health
    Check out this great article that helped me get to the bottom of my ponies issue! Definitely one to read if your horse has any of the same symptoms! The 5 Most Important Question’s To Ask When Boarding A Horse | Horse Health Source
1-5 of 5 Results