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  1. Art and Craft Work
    Hey guys! I had some free time today and decided I should paint a horse. I rarely paint, as i usually panic when I am unable to erase. But I've taken a liking to water color so I decided to try it out!
  2. Art Requests
    I'm looking to build up my art portfolio right now and I am interested in taking on some requests........ :grin: I will do a custom 6x4in watercolor portrait of your horse (please provide as many clear photos as possible). If interested, I can do a 11x14. Since I am a poor college student...
  3. Art and Craft Work
    I'm new here...I actually signed up because of this section :) None of the other horse forums that I've found offer an art section. Anyway, here's some stuff. Only one (the girl with the sheet) is actually finished since I always forget to scan in the finished product, but it gives an idea...
1-3 of 3 Results