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western apparel

  1. Horse Show Clothing
    I have looked everywhere and needless to say cannot find any jeans under 100$ and a size that fits/in stock. I'm a barrel racer and need good listings of affordable western jeans made for petite sizes (24 inch or 0 waist & 30-32 inch length). I've looked at good sites such as cinch, miss me...
  2. Horse Show Clothing
    Good Morning, I am looking for a pattern for a scarf. I know it's probably easy, but I don't even have one to copy. Does anyone know where I can get one. I ride reiners so I just a little something around my neck. Lisa
  3. Horse Videos
    This is a vid of my friend and I riding I am the blond girl ridng the bay morgan:-) Please no critisism
  4. Horse Show Clothing
    Hello! I'm desperatly trying to find someone that would be able to create a showmanship jacket for me. I know what I want it to look like, pretty in-detail also, and the colors, ect. however, seeing as I'll be entering my freshman year of college in August 2012, I dont have the $4500 to spend...
  5. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I just purchased some Pro. Choice SMB II's. Stupidly, I got this dark orange color. Now I'm stuck trying to find a good set of tack to match (saddle pad, reins, maybe a breast collar?) If you guys know of anything to match these boots please post a picture and tell me where I can find it...