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  1. New to Horses
    My cousins gave me a western roping saddle, it is nice but it smells. I live in a apartment and have been keeping it inside of my walk in closet with my clean clothes🥴. It is really stinking up my closet, I don’t think They’ve ever washed this saddle judging by the smell. can I put regular...
  2. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    So, I'm think of selling or trading my King Series western saddle, but I'm not sure what the range value would be. I know it will at least be $100. The guy before me was selling it for $75 with the latigo and back strap broken. It was really dusty and dirty when I got it. So, I had clean it up...
  3. Saddle Fitting Issues
    I am looking to buy a western saddle for my gelding. I usually ride english and don’t know how to really fit a western saddle or how it’s supposed to look. This is a 16” corriente wade. My gelding is 16.2hh QH/WB about 1300lbs (maybe, hasn’t ever been weighed). How does it look? I’m concerned...
  4. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    What is the best type of western saddle for a horse that broncs? When my horse gets excited when I don’t let him bolt he starts broncing not just bucking, full on BRONCING. Lets just say its hard to hold on and stay seated with my english saddle. So i’m planning to get a western saddle but I’m...
  5. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    I came was given a western saddle and previous owner didn't know anything about it. I have searched everywhere on it and can not find a maker's mark.
  6. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    I need help identifying a Longhorn/Billy Cook saddle The left side under the skirt has a stamp 02 2898 The strap holder has BILLY COOK SADDLERY GREENVILLE, TEXAS
  7. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Does anyone have an idea when this was made? has 7 stamped on latigo keeper,4 heart design good looking saddle. Thank you for any help
  8. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hello there! Recently I purchased a new Mayatex saddle blanket, it isa double size but thin acrylic-polyester blend. It is tightly woven and looks pretty durable, but when I put it on my horse´s back, it doesn´t lie there nice and adapting to the horse´s shape, but with pretty big wrinkles in...
  9. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    I'm looking at a used Billy Cook saddle for my husband. I've read extensively on the stamps to look for as far as one that is an original, one after Longhorn started making them, or a newer Sulphur, OK one. This one's stamps have me thrown for a loop though. I can't find any information on...
  10. Horse Talk
    I have been out of riding for over 10 years. I was recently given an 18 year old mare Hanoverian-Quarter Horse Cross. She was used as a school horse for two years and they told me they didn't need her anymore. She was previously ridden western, which has proven true as she knows how to neck-rein...
  11. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Does anyone know of western saddles that are made in the USA with a 20" seat? Billy Cook makes a roping saddle that is sold by StateLineTack. Wyoming Saddlery will custom make one. Are there others?
  12. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    So I bought this saddle yesterday, brought it home, cleaned it up, and inevitably got bit with the "need more info" bug that gets me whenever I get my hands on something old. However, I can't find anything on it indicating anything about it other than the stamps on the fenders - the tooling on...
  13. Review Horse Tack and Equipment
    I am looking for a western saddle. I will be showing in it, but only locally. I am not a fan of bling overkill. I jump around with which horse I ride, but I mostly ride quarter horse types. What do you think of these? Do you have any other suggestions? I'm not looking to spend more than $1000...
  14. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hi there, I have a 14,2 hh three yr old pony which I am in the process of breaking. I have a 16" western pleasure saddle which I can get 4 fingers between the gullet and her withers. However the saddle slips badly which is a concern if she suddlenly spooks or something. If I try to mout her...
  15. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Below is a picture of the saddles I'm looking to buy. Number 1 is a Billy Cook Reiner saddle Number 2 is a NRHA Saddlesmith Bob Loomis Reiner Number 3 is a TexTan roper Number 4 is a Circle Y Reiner Or so do the adverts claim!! Now which saddle, do you think is the best? You can judge it by...
  16. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hello! I picked up two saddles and I need help identifying them. However, I only have pictures of the one, I will post pictures of the second one in week or two when I finish cleaning up the first one. So far, I have only been able to find a serial number on the latigo holder. I...
  17. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Has anybody every created a makeshift back cinch on a western? My saddle does not have a loop to connect one in the back, but it bounces a lot. I'm not sure if it does when I ride. Just would like to prevent it as much as possible from going all over. Didn't know if attaching a strap over the...
  18. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer me input on how much my western saddle is worth, I'm thinking about selling it online and want to advertise it at a fair price :-) It is a 15" older, but completely rideable saddle. Thank you!!
  19. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    15" H & H Saddlery Trail/Pleasure Saddle 8" gullet solid, well built saddle sadly to wide for my horse, must go $300
  20. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    I am thinking about buying this saddle and I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this brand (good or bad) I've seen some posts on here of people that love them, wondering why? I'm in love with the looks, thats for sure!!! :)
1-20 of 36 Results