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  1. Horse Show Clothing
    I was wondering does anyone know any style of jacket that looks good as a showmanship jacket, and a riding shirt, for western classes? :DThanks:D
  2. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    I am new to The Horse Forum. I’ve been hanging out here and have enjoyed what I’ve seen and I have also learned a lot. It seems like a really nice group of people, but then horse people usually are. I have 4 horses and I used to do dressage and show. I have loved horses since I was a kid, had a...
  3. Horse Training
    Ok, so, I just broke my morgan mare and I can't decide what event to do with her. She is great under saddle, I ride western but have been heading out on the trails in an australian stock saddle but I have had a big roping saddle on her and she could have cared less. She is stubborn, smart, and...
  4. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    Hi! I need a 17" good condition SQHB medium tree western saddle. My price limit is $200 incl shipping.
  5. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    New But gently used.A great saddle for riders who need a hard wearing saddle that offers security,appeal and low maintenance. Ideal for team penning, trail riding, pleasure riding, barrel racing and camp drafting. The features of this saddle include: Cheyenne roll styled in a square skirt...
  6. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I am looking for a 16+ western saddle good quality SQHB. Must be good quality for $250 or less. :D
  7. Horse Riding Critique
    This is my horse Zippie. he is a western/english pleasure show horse. Please critique him:) thx. his eye is very
  8. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    17" black Wintec All Rounder western saddle FQHB LIKE NEW $150 17.5'' Med-med wide 20 yrs old Wintec Dressage saddle $85 Black leadline saddle $35
  9. Western Riding
    Hey everyone, I am starting showing with a new horse, and I am wondering what the judges look for in the ring (whether its on the rail, in a pattern, in a reining class, and so on) for appaloosas (since that is her breed.) Maybe things about her gait, her mane, and i don't know. And by the way...
  10. Western Riding
    Hi, I know im probably not supposed to do this, but umm we have a foal dropping within the next 2 weeks and i just absolutely need to sell him. I dont have the time or money to train or race him anymore. He can do barrels, or poles either one. PLEASE give my baby a good home! post for questions...
  11. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Hey everyone, I currently own a barrel racing saddle but I am thinking of selling or part- exchanging it and getting a reining saddle. Where I ride everybody says Billie Cook saddles are the best. Are they really? Thanks for your help, british_reiner
  12. Western Riding
    I have a quarter horse mare that I am right now training to do eventing, but we are mostly working on dressage at the moment. Her background is of cutting and reining horses and her foundation training is western. Her grandfather is Doc O'lena. I was interested in training and showing her in...
  13. Horse Riding Critique
    Alright, so I am fairly new to riding, I've been riding for about a year or so. I don't own a horse, I've just been riding lesson horses for this year. I've started learning Western, never have ridden English, but English- Show Jumping and Dressage really interests me a lot. But I also like...
  14. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    16" Silver Royal leather saddle. Really pretty. Comes w/back cinch, and breastcollar. Really expensive saddle. Braided tooling and beautifully tooled conchos. Has alum. stirrups. Blevins style buckles. $300 firm. Contact info: [email protected]:D
  15. Western Riding
    I am a web student and I have been assigned a progect to build a website for Western Equitation Exercises. If you see any major issues or have any ideas for exercises I would love to hear them!
  16. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Well, I bugged you over a bunch of other saddles, and you guys told me a ton. I researched them a bit more, and found more. What do you think of these? I'd be using them for shows. Thanks so much! :D Lost River saddle and tack Discount Saddles and Tack, Circle-S,Buffalo,Texas,Saddle...
  17. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I'm in search for a cheap western saddle. What do you think of these? "BROWN SHOW" WESTERN HORSE SADDLE-16" W/ TACK - eBay (item 170381443846 end time Sep-16-09 20:31:11 PDT) Texas Star Western Horse Show Saddle Tack 15 16 17- Western Horse Saddles - Saddle Online ** ONLY IN SIZE 17 (I am...
  18. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I'm looking for Western stuff. Is there good websites to get it cheap? I know of StatelineTack, but otherwise, I'm lost. Help? :/
  19. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    I have a 21-yr old paso fino gelding, great shape for his age, who I've always ridden Western. I'm really interested in jumping but have never jumped myself, though I do know a fair bit about English riding. My mom has an English saddle from the TB racehorse mare we had, and I was considering...
  20. Art and Craft Work
    I make Horse style jewelry. You can complete your western or English style with a great pendant or earrings from my site. Just take a look at the art work and craftsmanship of these items Horseshoe Pendant Riding Helmet Earrings