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    The famed wild horses of Namibia have been having problems recently. Predation by hyenas means the already declining herds don't have any members younger than seven. Namibian officials have enacted the culling of three female hyenas believed to be responsible for most foal deaths. Here's wjere...
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    Reason for Journal: This initial post is merely a test. Need to confirm that I have the correct posting place for my wild horse & burro thoughts. And hopefully, it will be a place to gather additional insights and opinions on America's wild horses and burros. An aside: I have always LOVED...
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    Original Post 8AM Boise, Idaho time: Yesterday I was naive (wishing, hoping) that there was another solution other than slaughter. Yes, it seems that America needs to acknowledge the...
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    Hi. I'm looking for updates (a YouTube Live Stream would be great) on what is right now taking place in Boise with BLM and the wild horses and burros' meeting. I know Wednesday, 10July2019, The Bureau of Land Management's meeting on wild horses and burros will be Streamed LIVE...
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    They need around 860 more signatures for these horses, I typically don't sign petitions but I feel for these horses. Check it out here...
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    I have been working with mustangs for many years. Seen a lot of really cool horses, and a few not so good ones, just as in every breed. But I just wondered who else has experienced the joy of gentling a wild horse, and loves it?
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    Save The Horses of Coyote Canyon. This is a video I put together with Madeleine Pickens images. We all need to help save the horses!
1-7 of 9 Results