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  1. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    I am working on formulating my own paste for horses. I was wondering if anyone new where to buy these from a manufacturer? I am looking for the tubes that are like the tubes you use to worm your horse.
  2. Horse Health
    I took a fecal sample of my two horses and after looking at the slide I found these little bugs. The pictures aren't great. It was hard to get the camera to focus. I would like to know what particular kind of intestinal parasites these are. After looking at these nasty things I immediately...
  3. Horse Health
    I have a 5 yo gelding who began treatment for EPM 2/17 (oroquin 10 day treatment). Immediately followed with 60 days decoquinate powder. I now believe he had very subtle symptoms when I bought him in the spring last year. However, after Christmas he became ill with unexplained fever (per the...
  4. Horse Health
    I want to make sure I'm rotating all the right workers for my area- South Florida is probably closest the my climate that I'm going to get good feedback on. Can anyone tell me any specific worms you need to hit in these tropical area or share your worming rotation? Only ever wormed in Colorado...
  5. Horse Health
    Has anyone had experience with or heard of Zimecterin Gold causing chemical burns in your horses mouths?????
  6. Horse Health
    In January I decided to go ahead with my purchase of a 18yr old mare that was skinny. I've taken in poor horses before, so I figured it would be no problem, that she just needed time and food. Well, it's May and although she is better than in January I am very displeased and becoming...
  7. Horse Health
    I live on Ft. Hood (Army base) so I keep my horse out at the ft. Hood stables. They have certain regulations on worming your horse and such because some people just don't know how to take care of a horse. Sounds kinda dumb coming from the person asking the question. But, the vet that works for...
  8. Horse Health
    I need to worm my two horses and really don't know where to start. :/ I know how to carry out the physical process of worming with no problem, however I don't know what kind of wormers to use or how much. I will need to worm 2 horses (a large TWH mare who isnt fat but is well built, and a 2 1/2...
1-8 of 8 Results