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  1. Horse Protection
    What's everyone's opinion on horse slaughter? I believe that it is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Naturally, horses would never have to go through that and be killed by us humans! :-|:-?
  2. General Riding queries
    This situation happens to involve a leaser on one of my horses. The horse is a lovely 18 hand thoroughbred gelding, trained in dressage up to level 3 before he was sold to me. He's never been an anxious horse, never reared or bucked unless you were lunging him. During the times when he was...
  3. Horse Health
    Looking for any advice from fellow horse people! A week ago my horse started to seem like he wasn't feeling well. I've worked with him a couple times since and pushed him through it since he is naturally unmotivated. He really doesn't want to move forward even when he has energy and I can tell...
1-3 of 3 Results