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  1. Dressage
    I just saw someone else with this kind of thread and i was just wondering do you think Oscar could go far in Dressage? Hes a 17.1hh thoroughbred or ISH not 100% sure THink its tb though. PLEASE dont critique my riding in the pics. I know what im doind wrong and ive had pics up in the critique...
  2. Horse Riding Critique
    Some pics of me and oscar:) Sorry some of them are blurry! Just want your opinion on them:) YouTube - xLaurenOscarx's Channel My link on bebo if you want to see more:) thanks;)
  3. Horse Riding Critique
    Heres Some Recent PIctures Of Me And Oscar:) Critique Away:) Sorry There Blurry:)
  4. Horse Health
    Just Wondering But If A Horse Has Chronic Lameness Can He Still Don Light Work Or Is That His Career Over? Any Info Greatly Appreciated!¬
  5. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Here Are Some Vids Of Me And Oscar:) Critique Them As Hard As You Want! Il Start Off With The Oldest To Newest Vid:) Thank YOuu:) THeres Loads Of Vids There But They Do Get Better As you Go Along:)
  6. Horse Health
    My Horse Has Pin Firing Scars All Along His Front Leg Along His Tendon. Just Wondering If Someone Could Explain Detailed What It Is? Ive Been Told That Someone Stuck Pins In His Leg 2 Make An Injury Worse And That Its Cruelty. I Asked The Saddler Coz He Was The One Who Told Us What It Was (...
  7. Horse Riding Critique
    Oscar On The Flat And Jumping! CCritique As Hard As Youu Like! Im Always Learning:)
  8. Horse Riding Critique
    Please Tell Me What Youu Think Of Me And My Horse:D
1-8 of 8 Results