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  1. Horse Talk
    I am 4ft 9 and 72lbs my pony is 13.2 and she's a welsh C she is very sturdy, how many years do you think it will be before I grow out of her
  2. General Riding queries
    Well I've officially had my horse, Putts, for 5 years now! He's come a long way since I first bought him! I've learned so much from him and I also think he's come a really long way in his training, considering I bought him as a greenie (I'm 15 now, so you can do the math on how old I was when I...
  3. Horse Talk
    I would like to find out how long all of you have been riding. It will be interesting to know that, even if you just started riding by holding on for dear life on a shetland pony while someone led you around. :wink: I have been riding for approximately 6 years now. At the end of this year it...
1-3 of 3 Results