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  1. Horse Videos
    sorry about the flood of posts from me -.- From now on links to my videos will be uploaded in this thread :D subscribe to this thread to keep up to date with new vids :D
  2. Horse Videos
    Hi my name is Carly and my horse is called Pearl, I'm new to horseforum so would love it if you guys could check out my videos on youtube and subscribe :D i try to post on there as often as possible and comment on my video or discussion if you want me to subscribe to you :-)...
  3. Horse Videos
    So I made a youtube so I could put videos of me riding up and I just posted my first one! Its an "Equestrian Tag" video and idk if you wanna go see it or not. I promise lots of riding videos will be up soon and in better quality too! :D
  4. Horse Videos
    I made a new video a couple days ago, it took me a lot of time to make, with the flashy things and stuff. (watch in HD or it won't look as awesome) so please let me know what you think :)
  5. Horse Videos
    Comment and like ! maybe even sub ? First time using Sony Vegas so feedback would be niice too :) Its kinda unclear though =\
  6. Horse Videos
    hey there! i have got a new youtube channel! i used to have xFingersCrossedx but the account stopped working. So please subscribe again, rate and comment on videos and leave comments on my channel! thank you! :D YouTube - LoisInStereo's Channel
  7. Horse Videos
    hay! so I need your guy's help! so ... I make video for youtube and i need more views and comments and subscribers on youtube because i am fairly new to it. No one will critique my riding and show season is just around the corner! If you could at least watch my vids tht would be awesome...
  8. Horse Videos
    go to my channel I have more fun videos :)
  9. Horse Videos
    :) Finally set up a youtube account- YouTube - AppaloosaFeathers's Channel I'm adding more vids right now;) Share yours!
1-12 of 13 Results