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  1. Cora

    New content on our YouTube channel This one features Cora, and how I hope to have cured a behavioral issue.
  2. Horse Videos
    Who are your favorite horse youtubers and instagramers?:cowboy:
  3. Horse Videos
    This is a video I put together to remember our fun day at the beach. This happened a couple months ago but thought I would share. I am on Greta and Molly is on Whisper the palomino pony. Her helmet cam was on side ways... so sorry for the crappy side bars. I have MUCH BETTER VIDEOS on my YouTube...
  4. Horse Videos
    So I made a youtube so I could put videos of me riding up and I just posted my first one! Its an "Equestrian Tag" video and idk if you wanna go see it or not. I promise lots of riding videos will be up soon and in better quality too! :D
  5. Horse Talk
    I'm one of the co-owners on the account @SargentKoerner and I was wondering if there were any other horse youtubers on here? I would love to meet some :)
  6. Horse Health
    On YouTube I found a video called "all my pets" and I noticed she had a horse, well pony as it didn't look very big, it looked quite young though. Well yeah it's fur was all shavvy and wet and mucky, it's tail had knots all through it and did not look healthy at all. The space was not even half...
  7. General Riding queries
    Hello :3 I have a Youtube channel and would love to have some opinions about it. My channel mostly features Chico, He's gaited (Keep that in mind when you look at our positions) Me falling into the water: 2013 Recap...
  8. Horse Videos
    I made a new video a couple days ago, it took me a lot of time to make, with the flashy things and stuff. (watch in HD or it won't look as awesome) so please let me know what you think :)
  9. Horse Videos
    Comment and like ! maybe even sub ? First time using Sony Vegas so feedback would be niice too :) Its kinda unclear though =\
  10. Horse Videos
    hey guys! I just wanted to share my new video. it's a little glitchy and replays in spots.....i have no idea why, im working on that lol. please tell me what you think! please don't criticize my riding, i only just started english and i really just ride for fun and to learn. i made my own...
  11. Horse Videos
    I absolutely love making videos of my horses on youtube, and I know there is a ton of you who love to as well. I'm looking to sub a bunch of horsie people on Youtube cause I love watching your videos and it gives me inspiration and things I can work on with my own horses and my own videos. I...
  12. Horse Videos
    I haven't really seen a thread where you can share your youtube and horsey videos, so i thought i'd make one. :) Some pictures mashed together in a video: Jumping: Now post yours! :D
  13. Horse Talk
    So this past summer I found like 3 or 4 hour or so vids of clinton teaching a mustang from the first day all of the way till ridding with the saddle and all of that. He fully explained all of his groundwork techniques and everything. But now I am looking for the vids again and can't find them on...
  14. Art Requests
    Does anyone know how to make a background for the new youtube layout? If so would someone make one for me? I'll post pictures if I get a reply :D Thank you in advance!
  15. Horse Videos
    Heey. I made a Youtube account to show everyone myself and my horses doin' all sorts of stuff.(: I only have one video, but i am, right now, making more. I would loveee for everyone to subscribe. I will subscribe back, if you want.(: And i would also love to see you and your horses!<3 YOUTUBE...
1-15 of 30 Results